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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Paralegal sends scandily clad photos to former Bonanno boss Vinny Gorgeous

Ex-Bonanno crime boss Vincent Basciano has made the most of serving two life sentences at the nation’s toughest penal institution by corresponding with raven-haired paralegal Belinda Rossetti, the Daily News has learned.
Rossetti seems like the perfect gangster groupie — she helps him with the hopeless appeal of his conviction, and she has sent him a sexy photo of her wearing a G-string.
Basciano was grateful for the glossy of her goods, but in a handwritten missive to Rossetti he sounds like the control freak he was during his brief reign running the crime family.
“I liked my birthday pic,” Basciano wrote in the letter last month.” But you’re not smiling. … So you have to retake it. LOL Nice body!
Belinda Rossetti
“The G-string pic . . . was great! You’re facing the wrong way though! LOL. Your butt needs to face the camera!! me! LOL.”
In a telephone interview Tuesday, Rossetti confirmed sending the photo.
“Oh dear,” Rossetti sighed. “I was chunkier then.”
Rossetti, 47, claims she was Vinny’s secret mistress a decade ago.
More recently, she showed up occasionally at Brooklyn Federal Court for Basciano’s last trial, in which he was convicted of ordering the murder of mob associate Randolph Pizzolo. The jury could have sentenced him to death, but he got life instead — on top of a life sentence he was already serving for whacking a junkie in the Bronx.
“She just popped up and was hanging around with Vinny’s family, but they didn’t know her,” said a source close to Basciano.
Belinda Rossetti
Rossetti claims she made an unrequited offer of her legal assistance during the trial. Basciano’s defense lawyer George Goltzer declined to comment.
The reputed mob moll is cryptic about her continued ties to Basciano.
“There’s a couple of things I promised him I’d do,” Rossetti told The News. “I kind of owe him.”
Basciano, 52, now spends his days in the company of terrorists and killers at Colorado’s Supermax prison, but he hasn’t lost the charm that made him a legendary New York wiseguy.
“Just as I started to write they took me out for a hair-cut,” he wrote. “I’m back. I’m all dolled up with no place to go! LOL.”
And despite nearly six years in almost total isolation in prison, Basciano still thinks highly of his sexual prowess — and the therapy it could provide.
“You telling (a U.S. marshal) that I wouldn’t know what to do with you. HaHaHa!! All that pent-up energy you have that lead (sic) you to your ‘anger issues’!!! LMAO…Let me put it this way (politely) - you wouldn’t need any anger management classes! So think about that girlfriend.”
In 2006 the feds released a correspondence from the then-married Basciano to mistress Debra Kalb, with whom he fathered a love child. The mob boss is consistent with what he likes.
“You could send me a picture of you in a G-string you know,” Basciano wrote to Kalb at the time. “I’m so in love with you do ya know that you little f---.”
Rossetti said she has been cleared for a “legal visit” at Supermax but isn’t sure when she’ll make the trip. Her former paramour still has a couple of appeals of his convictions pending.



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