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Monday, August 17, 2009

Update on Vincent Basciano September Death Penalty Trial

It seems like a particular prosecutor may have been on the mind of more than one gangster. In court papers filed in connection with Vincent Basciano's upcoming trial, his lawyers are asking the government to turn over records and witness statements in which assistant U.S. attorney Greg Andres, the alleged target of a death threat, was a topic of conversation. Defense attorney George Goltzer is asking for copies of statements made by Richard Berte to former Bonanno captain Richard Cantarella regarding Andres. Goltzer in his letter to the court also wants to see copies of any statements made by former boss Joseph Massino to Berte indicating that it was "Massino's original idea to kill AUSA Andres." The alleged death plot is talked about in recent trade paperback version of King of The Godfathers at pages 297, 307 and 310. Any evidence of conversations between Basciano, Massino, Berte and Cantarella about Andres are being sought by the defense.


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