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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Trial Update: Vincent Basciano

Santeria defense: Those who have read "King of The Godfathers," (Chapter 28) know about the so called "hit list: prosecutors have accused Vincent Basciano of making in jail. The allegation is that Basciano put names, including that of prosecutor Greg Andres and Judge Nicholas Garaufis on the list to have them killed. But Basciano's lawyers said it was actually a list of names given to a practitioner of Santeria, the Afro-Carribean religion, to purge the karma (so to speak) of those on the list and get Basciano good luck at trial. A few days ago Basciano's lawyers asked that an inmate named Danny Reyes be given immunity so he can testify about the true nature of the list. Court papers state that Reyes talked with Basciano about Santeria and that Basciano wanted to put spells on Andres and Garaufis. Another inmate asked Basciano in Reyes presence to put the names on a list so that Reyes could call his Cuban godfther to have the spell placed, court papers stated. The defense thinks that Reyes, if immunized, can give evidence to refute the notion of a hit list.



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