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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bonanno Boss turned Rat continues helping the Feds

Any reader of "King of The Godfathers" knows how Joseph Massino became a government informant, implicated Vincent Basciano in various crimes, some of which may get him the death penalty. That is all spelled out in Chapters 27 and 28. Well, it looks like Massino left some tracks in the latest Bonanno crime family case in Brooklyn federal court. A detention memo filed by prosecutors in the case against reputed captain Joseph Sammartino and others indicates that Massino apparently was the cooperating witness mentioned in the memo as "CW#1." The tipoff is found in phrases in the memo like CW#1 "presided over the ceremony" in which one of the defendants was inducted into the Bonanno family in early 2000s, a time when Massino was boss and still very much on the street (He wasn't arrested until January 2003). Of course, Massino has been giving information as a cooperator every since July 2004, when he was convicted so anything he may now be doing in the new case is really not a stunning surprise or big news. The memo also makes clear that the feds have wiretaps, bugs and other witnesses giving them more up-to-date info on the defendants.



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