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Monday, October 26, 2009

Former Bonanno Captain will testify against Junior Gotti

Expect Dominick Cicale, the turncoat in the case of Vincent Basciano, to make an appearance in the case against John Gotti Jr., perhaps as early as this coming week. Cicale is expected to testify about a purported conversation Basciano had with Gotti about the withdrawal defense, which is a key part of Gotti's defense strategy. Cicale didn't hear the conversation, but would just report about what he claims Basciano told him. Basciano and Cicale were confined in the same federal lockup for a time in around 2004. Cicale figures in Chapter 28 of "King Of The Godfathers."
    Also the sentencing for Yvonne Rossetti, the Howard Beach housewife involved in the 2008 Bonanno case as a witness, is expected to take place possibly on December 2, so we hear. She plead guilty earlier this year in Brooklyn federal court to cheating some investors. See below posting on the case of her husband Vincent.



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