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Saturday, October 24, 2009

A poster. A t-shirt. John Gotti Jr.'s buddies illustrate his name to promote his innocence

Accused killer John A. "Junior" Gotti is a great guy - just read his flyers.
Pals of the mob scion eager to defend his honor are planning to hand out posters featuring a picture of Gotti kissing a small child.
"Free John Gotti A great father. A great uncle. A great man. Just leave him alone. Goddamn it," the handouts read.
Gotti supporters plan to circulate the flyers in his old stomping grounds - Howard Beach, Queens - and in college bars along Long Island's Hempstead Turnpike, sources said.
Hats and T-shirts that read "Free John" also have been made.
Gotti is on trial for the fourth time in five years, accused of ordering three mob hits. He's also charged with racketeering, extortion and drug dealing to finance the Gambino crime empire.
A stream of Mafia turncoats have portrayed Gotti as a blood-soaked monster, but family and friends say that is not the 45-year-old dad they know.
Gotti's lawyers argue he quit the mob in 1999 after he saw the toll it took on his father, Dapper Don John Gotti, and his own young family.
Some court watchers still have "Free John" baseball caps that family passed out when Gotti's father, also known as the Teflon Don, was on trial for the final time in Brooklyn. He was convicted in that case and died in prison.


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