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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

John (Junior) Gotti boycotts his own trial - for four hours, then returns

The great Gotti boycott is over - after less than four hours.
Second-generation Gambino boss John A. (Junior) Gotti, after declaring he was through attending his ongoing racketeering trial, changed his mind Tuesday morning.
A Metropolitan Correctional Center visit from defense counsel Charles Carnesi ended the short-lived protest from Gotti, who thinks he's getting an unfair shake in his fourth racketeering trial.
The jury will not hear an explanation for the morning delay caused when Gotti opted for his cell over a seat at the defense table.
Federal Judge Kevin Castel said marshals called him around 8 a.m. to say Gotti "did not wish to participate further in the trial."
By 11:30 a.m., word came that Gotti, 45, was changing into his suit for a return to the courtroom.
Gotti supporters said a disappointed Junior decided to stay behind bars to protest what he sees as an unfair trial. Gotti, during the two-month trial, sent a note directly to the judge complaining about the case.
"He's frustrated, it's an emotional decision that he feels is justified," one Gotti backer said.
Carnesi said he was "surprised" by his client's decision. Castel put the trial on hold so the lawyer could visit Gotti at the Metropolitan Correctional Center.
Gotti's decision to "quit" the trial came just before Carnesi was expected to wrap up his closing argument. The jury in the case could begin deliberations later Tuesday.
Gotti's mother, Victoria,  who twice blasted Castel last week, including once in an e-mail to the Daily News, was back in court Tuesday for the closings.
She refused to stand when the judge entered the courtroom, remaining seated as the rest of the spectators rise.
This is Gotti's fourth racketeering trial in the last five years. The previous three ended with hung juries and a mistrial.


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