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Friday, December 4, 2009

Junior Gotti shops at Toys 'R' US one day after Mistrial

Junior Gotti can relax.
Prosecutors are not likely to retry the mob scion, who spent his first full day of freedom after a mistrial hanging with family.
While the feds have not yet made a final decision about retrying the second-generation Gambino boss, sources told the Daily News the jury pool is tainted and they're unlikely to ever get a conviction after four attempts.
The likelihood that Gotti would once again escape racketeering and murder charges infuriates investigators, but even they do not believe that a fifth New York trial would end differently, police sources said.
Gotti relished his first day of freedom in 15 months, emerging from his $1.7 million Oyster Bay, L.I., mansion in a dark blue velour track suit at 9:30 a.m.
"Today is a holiday," said the smiling father of six. "I have a lunch date later with my uncle. Beyond that, I don't know much about the future."
After breakfast, Gotti went from goodfella to good father as he and wife, Kim, took their two youngest kids to Toys "R" Us.
After 45 minutes of shopping he whipped out a wad of hundreds and spent a few of them on a cart full of stuffed animals, balls and a minimotorcycle.
Gotti, who was charged with three murders but accused by witnesses of five more, spoke about what's next and reflected on the old days with his dad, John (Dapper Don) Gotti.
"I'm thinking of moving down south. Maybe the Panhandle or [North] Carolina. I can't control how people react to the Gotti name, but I can control where I live."
By the time Gotti was 13, his dad had already spent nine years in prison. "It's a terrible way to raise your children," he said. "Since I left I lost two dogs. I missed time with my children."
Gotti said the jurors in his latest trial wondered why he joined the mob as a kid.
"We lived in Howard Beach, Queens. All my childhood friends, all my cousins and uncles, [they were] all affiliated with that life," he said.
"When I was 7 years old I visited my father in Lewisburg [Federal Prison]. He says, 'Hey, John, what are your plans for Halloween?' I say, 'I want to be a police officer and go around arresting people.'"
"My father's face turned white. All the color went out of his face. He turned to my mother and asked, 'What's going on here?' He was very serious. That's the way we were raised."
Asked what he dressed as instead of a cop that Halloween, Gotti said, "I ended up a pirate."


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