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Friday, January 1, 2010

Bonanno crime boss Vincent "Vinny Gorgeous" Basciano gets sweet deal: visits from former wife and mistress

The mob has a new don - Don Juan.
Bonanno crime boss Vincent (Vinny Gorgeous) Basciano has persuaded the feds to bend the rules and let his ex-wife and his mistress visit him on alternate weeks in jail.
The flamboyant gangster is locked up at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, serving life for racketeering while awaiting a death-penalty trial for a murder.
He's caged 23 hours a day under conditions usually reserved for terrorists because he's suspected of plotting to kill a federal judge and prosecutor.
Normally, only relatives would be allowed to visit him under prison policy.
But as prosecutor John Buretta explained in court Thursday, the warden has agreed to allow Basciano's goumada, Debra Kalb, to visit every other week.
Defense lawyer Richard Jasper wanted to make sure Kalb's visits would not interfere with visits by Basciano's ex-wife, Angela, and their four sons.
"He shouldn't have to choose between relationships of natural family members," Jasper said. "He has a relationship with his former wife as well."
Buretta explained that the government wasn't trying to limit either woman's time with Basciano.
But he said every no-contact visit - Basciano and his visitor are separated by a mesh screen - must be monitored by an FBI agent.
"It's just a question of manpower," Buretta said.
Angela Basciano got an uncontested divorce in Bronx Supreme Court one month after her hubby was convicted of racketeering and murder in 2006.
But they're still in touch - just like Kalb and the 10-year-old love child she had with Basciano.
Brooklyn Federal Judge Nicholas Garaufis - targeted on an alleged hit list seized at the jail - was asked if Basciano could have another break.
"Can he have a contact visit so he can give his son a new year's hug? It's a human request," Jasper said.
Garaufis said the marshals are in charge of security and he would not tell them what to do but would ask.
"I certainly, as a parent, sympathize with the request," he said.
The marshals nixed the hug.
Outside her Rockland County home, Kalb declined to talk about her quality time with Vinny Gorgeous.
"I've got no idea what happened in court. I've got nothing to do with that," she snapped.


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