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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Colombo Capo Big Dino Flips In Cop Hit Case

The feds have cut a deal with a Colombo hit man accused of murdering NYPD cop Ralph Dols because he married another gangster's ex-wife, the Daily News has learned.
Reputed capo Dino (Big Dino) Calabro is alleged to be one of the shooters who gunned down the off-duty housing cop outside his Sheepshead Bay home in 1997.
FBI agents moved Calabro's family out of their Long Island home and into the witness protection program yesterday, sources familiar with the case told The News.
The brazen killing of a cop - usually forbidden by the Mafia in the U.S. - was allegedly ordered by then-Colombo boss Joel (Joe Waverly) Cacace, who felt disrespected by Dols, his ex-wife Kim's fourth husband.
Calabro, 43, who was born in Italy, is the second member of the alleged hit team to flip. The alleged getaway driver Joseph (Joey Caves) Competiello began cooperating with the government in 2008.
"This really solidifies the Dols case," said a knowledgeable source.

Calabro's co-defendants have suspected for months that he was looking for a way out of the seven murders he is charged with in a federal indictment. He could have faced the death penalty for blowing away Dols.
Sources said Calabro was a no-show at defense strategy meetings at the Metropolitan Detention Center, claiming he hadn't been invited. "He finally showed up, and it was very awkward," said a lawyer.
Calabro's lawyer Richard Jasper did not return calls. A spokesman for the Brooklyn U.S. attorney's office also declined to comment.


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