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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Gambino Associate Busted in Diapers for Smart Phones Switch

Louis DaidoneFormer Lucchese Acting Boss Louis Daidone via Wikipedia
A dumbfella was pinched for swiping a shipment of smartphones from Kennedy Airport - and replacing the cargo with diapers, officials said Friday.
Reputed Gambino associate John Micali was arraigned in Brooklyn Federal Court for conspiring to steal BlackBerry Storm phones and iPhones on Nov. 18.
And in an ironic twist, the feds built a case against Micali, 37, by tapping his own cell phone.
The stolen phones, destined for India and Singapore, were worth more than $81,000, according to the indictment unsealed Friday.
Micali and two accomplices, Gaetano Bounincontri and Frank Nunziata, had access to the shipment because they worked for JRS Trucking Services, which bills itself as the largest trucking company servicing JFK.
A woman who answered the phone at JRS said the company had no comment. The defendants have since been fired, a source said.
Micali - son-in-law of former Lucchese crime boss Louis (Louie Bagels) Daidone - was released Wednesday on a $150,000 bond signed by his wife, Lori.
"He maintains his innocence and will resolve these issues at trial," said Micali's lawyer, Albert Dayan.
But court papers say Micali and his co-defendants are already in plea negotiations with Assistant U.S. Attorney Celia Cohen.
Micali was released from prison two years ago after serving a 51-month sentence for burglarizing three banks.
Prosecutors in that case argued he was too dangerous to release on bail. They cited a tattoo across his back of a kneeling man, hands bound behind his back, with the words in Italian: "Kill all the police with a shot in the head."
Then his fiancée, Lori Daidone, failed to persuade a federal judge in 2004 to release him on bail so they could be married outside prison walls.
The Daily News caught Micali in another scam in 2003 when he was listed as a $58,000-a-year employee of a contractor hired by the Port Authority to remove asbestos from Ground Zero - while he was in jail.

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