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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nine Lucchese And Bonanno Wiseguys Slapped With Charges

A superseding indictment was unsealed yesterday out of a federal court in Brooklyn, NY which charges nine individuals in connection with Bonanno and Lucchese crime family rackets according to a press release by the government:
Four of the defendants – Carlo Profeta, Eric Maione, Anthony Mannone and Jerome Caramelli – were arrested [on Wednesday] . . . .  The remaining five defendants [Nicholas Bernardo, John Paul Cruz, Domenico Cutaia, Joseph Cutaia and Salvatore Cutaia] charged in the superseding indictment are incarcerated or detained pending trial and will be arraigned separately.
According to the press release:
Mannone is a captain in the Bonanno family; Caramelli is a Bonanno associate; Domenico Cutaia is a captain and Profeta is an acting captain in the Luchese family; Salvatore Cutaia is a soldier in the Luchese family; and Joseph Cutaia and Eric Maione are associates of the Luchese family. The charges include counts pertaining to Mannone, Caramelli, Profeta, Salvatore Cutaia, and others, engaging in extortionate means to collect money from three individuals involved in a gambling operation run by Caramelli. During recorded conversations, Mannone and Caramelli, with support from Profeta and Salvatore Cutaia, threatened the individuals with physical harm for failing to repay their debt.
Seemingly threatening statements made by Mannone were secretly recorded by an unidentified member from the Lucchese family with a nearly $200,000 gambling debt who began cooperating with the feds after growing tired of the perAsuasive efforts to make him pay as reported by Tom Robbins for The Village Voice.
Last December Joseph Cutaia -- "grandson of Luchese crime capo Domenico Cutaia and son of reputed soldier Salavatore Cutaia" -- was "charged in the violent attempted robbery of a Brooklyn businessman and is a suspect in five other armed heists" as reported by John Marzulli for the Daily News, and Domenico Cutaia is serving a three-year sentence for bank fraud.


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