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Friday, February 26, 2010

NY Mafia's Social Clubs: Then and Now

WIMPY BOYS SOCIAL CLUB -- 7506 13th Ave., Brooklyn.
For years this was Colombo capo Greg Scarpa Sr. home away from home. At one point, one of Scarpa's crew murdered a young woman they feared would turn informant. The woman was shot in the head, rolled up in a rug and disposed of elsewhere. Days later a dog running around the club walked up with the woman's ear in its mouth. Today the club is Sal's Hairstylist and Barber Shop. On a back wall is a black-and-white artist's rendering of the Dapper Don John Gotti sitting beside Marlon Brando's Vito Corleone. There are also headshots of Al Pacino as 'Scarface' and other celebs. City records show the property has been owned by Salvatore Pellegrino since the 1970s. 'He's away,' a worker said Thursday when asked if Pellegrino was available. (Pictured: Carmine Sessa outside in black jacket)

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