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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Poll Results: Which Family Should Be Disbanded?

This is an FBI mugshot of Colombo family boss,...Vic Orena via Wikipedia
The following are the results of the poll: 67 total votes

Colombo Crime Family: 28 votes - 41%
Bonanno Crime Family: 20 votes - 29%
Gambino Crime Family: 9 votes - 13%
Lucchese Crime Family: 7 votes - 10%
Genovese Crime Family: 3 votes - 4%

A vast majority of our readers feel that the Colombo Crime Family should be disbanded. The Colombo's which have been in many states of unrest since the 1960s when Crazy Joe Gallo went to war against the rest of the family, winding up dead in Little Italy in 1972. After some years of relative calm, a shooting war erupted again in 1991. This time supporters of jailed-for-life boss Carmine Persico attacked soldiers and capos who supported Victor Orena, the man Persico appointed as temporary boss until his son could take over. Twelve bodies later the war stopped, and since then, the family has been hit again and again by prosecutions and convictions. Recently the family turned to a resident of Massachusetts, Ralph DeLeo, to run the family for Persico.In second place is the Bonanno's, this family has suffered two major indignities. The first came in 1981 when they learned that an FBI agent calling himself Donnie Brasco had infiltrated their ranks. The second time was in 2004 when boss Joseph Massino, who previously brought the family back to respectable stature and back on the commission, became the first-ever Mafia boss in history to become an FBI informant.


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