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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bust On The New Jersey Waterfront

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On the NJ docks police have arrested Nunzio LaGrasso, a top official with the International Longshoremen's Association, his nephew Alan Marfia, a Newark police officer, and three other current or former ILA union members "on charges that they extorted money from dock workers by demanding 'tribute' for better jobs and pay, or engaged in loansharking" as reported by Tom Hester Sr. for NewJerseyNewsRoom.com:
State Attorney General Paula T. Dow said the arrests stem from Operation Terminal, an ongoing investigation by the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice and the Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor into the activities of a criminal enterprise that allegedly has exercised control and corrupt influence over ILA locals operating shipping terminals at the Port of New York and New Jersey. * * * The investigation into the activities of the alleged criminal extortion on the New Jersey waterfront revealed that ILA members working at the shipping terminals are required to make a cash "tribute" payment at Christmas time each year to the enterprise out of the year-end bonuses each member receives called "container royalty checks." It is alleged that those payments are funneled to the criminal enterprise through LaGrasso.
The other three arrested are Rocco Ferrandino, Joseph Queli and Nicholas Bergamotto.
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