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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Feds Search For Body Of Arillotta Associate

Following an earlier report that Anthony Arillotta, the reputed Genovese capo out of Springfield, MA who was indicted last February for his alleged role in the 2003 hit of his predecessor Adolfo "Big Al" Bruno, may have become a cooperating government witness, the feds this morning are searching the property at 160 Springfield St. in Agawam, MA for the body of Arillotta associate Gary D. Westerman who disappeared just days before the Bruno rubout as reported by Stephanie Barry for The Republican:
Bruno, 58, was gunned down on Nov. 23, 2003, amid a power struggle that left Arillotta, 41, on top of the local underworld. That shooting came just days after ex-convict Gary D. Westerman disappeared without a trace - his BMW abandoned in a McDonald's parking lot and his keys found lying in a West Springfield grocery store. Westerman had a long rap sheet, including prison stints for drug convictions and armed robbery. He spent time behind bars with several Arillotta allies and married the younger sister of Arillotta's wife. * * * One tenant listed at the residence, according to state Registry of Motor Vehicle records, Joseph Iellamo, was friendly with Arillotta, sources said.
"Sources with knowledge of the probe say Iellamo is not believed to have been involved in Westerman’s disappearance" as reported by Stephanie Barry for The Republican.


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