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Friday, April 23, 2010

Gambino Mobster Given Weekend Out Of Jail

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A reputed Gambino mobster busted in a major sweep is getting away for the weekend - with a judge's permission.
Michael Scarpaci was given a two-day pass out of federal lockup so he can attend his 3-month-old daughter's Christening.
His respite began Friday afternoon. He doesn't have to return to Manhattan's Metropolitan Correctional Center until 8 p.m. Sunday.
He can leave his house for the baptism and after-party but can only socialize with family and guests, according to an order signed by Judge Lewis Kaplan.
He had to post his Staten Island home as insurance that he wouldn't bolt, according to court documents.
Scarpaci, 34, allegedly ran Gambino gambling operations, recruiting bettors, running card games and collecting the cash.
He also generated revenue by extorting a businessman and strong-arming debtors to pay up, all while on probation for state crimes since 2002, prosecutors alleged.
Scarpaci was not linked to the underage hooker ring some associates allegedly ran.
That cabal includes Michael Scotto, 24, who was caught on tape as he physically drove some of the young women to an appointment, prosecutors said.
"He was caught on tape doing it, not talking about it, but taking the women to a club to sell them for sex," said Assistant U.S. Attorney Steve Kwok.
Scotto - who can get out of jail if he posts a $3 million bond - had also bragged on tape about his ability to obtain AK-47 rifles and the time he stuffed a man in his car trunk to teach him a lesson, Kwok said.
Reputed Gambino soldier Onofrio (Noel) Modica, 46, got to go home after he posted a $2 million bond secured by $1.8 million in property.
Modica is accused of trying to tamper with the jury hearing a 1992 case against John Gotti Sr., and of being the getaway driver in a drive-by murder of a drug dealer in 1987.
Modica said nothing as he limped out of Manhattan Federal Court.
"He's happy to be going home so he can be with his three children, and wife," said his lawyer, Mathew Mari.
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