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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Persico Celebrates Release From Jail With Pizza And Pasta

Colombo crime scion Michael Persico had at least two things on his mind as he was released from jail on Wednesday night: pizza and pasta.
Of course, he planned to celebrate his freedom - secured with $5 million bail - at his own Bay Ridge restaurant, Bella Luna.
Persico, 53, spent more than two months behind bars on extortion charges while his lawyers battled with federal prosecutors over bail.
"I lost weight," he said outside Brooklyn Federal Court after changing from drab prison duds into a dress shirt with colorful stripes.
Asked if he was looking forward to sleeping in his own bed, Persico replied, "Of course. I was in a dormitory with 120 guys."
A successful businessman with no prior criminal record, Persico is the son of Colombo crime boss Carmine Persico and brother of acting boss Alphonse Persico - both serving life for racketeering and murder.
Brooklyn federal prosecutor Michael Tremonte filed a letter yesterday with a list of people Persico can't see while free on bail and reminded him to get the government's permission before meeting with anyone older than 17.
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