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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gambino Solider Wants To Bow And Arrow Hunt

Gambino wiseguy and Brooklyn restaurateur Joseph Chirico wants to be a straight arrow - and shoot some, too!
Chirico, owner of famed Marco Polo restaurant in Carroll Gardens, is seeking a federal judge's blessing to participate in the sport of archery and hunting with bow and arrow.
After pleading guilty in 2008 to laundering mob money Chirico - also known by the nickname "Joe Marco Polo" - became a convicted felon barring him from possessing a firearm.
Since a bow and arrow is considered a deadly weapon, defense lawyer Joseph Benfante is concerned his client could be cited for violating his probation without a special dispensation.
"The bow and arrow is the original deadly weapon," Benfante told the Daily News. "But clearly it's a sporting activity."
Chirico is an avid hunter since his boyhood in Italy and the lawyer noted bow season opens next month.
Federal Judge Jack Weinstein has not ruled on the request, which is unopposed by Assistant Brooklyn U.S. Attorney Daniel Brownell and Chirico's probation officer.
Chirico hosts a game supper at his restaurant every winter in which his hunting buddies bring deer, rabbit, ducks and maybe even an elk for his delectable preparation.
But don't expect any of Chirico's hunting trophies on the Marco Polo menu.
"The rabbits on his menu on grown on Long Island," Benfante said.
Chirico, charged with passing a cash tribute payment from a mob associate to another gangster, has completed his unusual sentence of six months' house arrest in which he could spend 10 hours a day cooking at his restaurant. Borough President Marty Markowitz submitted a letter attesting to his character.



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