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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bonanno Family Ruling Panel Member To Be Sentenced Next Week

A member of the Bonanno crime family's ruling panel who was born and raised in Jersey City's Marion section will be sentenced in Brooklyn next week for loansharking offenses, officials said.
Joseph Sammartino Sr., 56, aka "Sammy" and "Sammo," of North Arlington, was charged along with a number of reputed mobsters in a 33-count indictment on June 21. He pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit extortion, officials said. He admitted conspiring with associates to collect a high-interest loan from a man identified as "Sal from Staten Island."
Authorities say Sammartino is a Bonanno family captain and he operated his crew out of New Jersey. A source said today that Sammartino's headquarters is in Bayonne.
"He was very hot tempered, but he was a wannabe tough guy," a source said today of Sammartino who did time in New York for attempted assault. "He was pretty tough with his hand. He could handle himself. He was a street kid that came up the hard way, but he was a wannabe."
Numerous alleged Bonanno associates were named in the indictment alleging crimes including racketeering, assault in-aid-of racketeering, threatening to commit a crime of violence in-aid-of racketeering, bank fraud, illegal gambling, extortion and perjury.
Those charged are Joseph "Joe Lefty" Loiacono, Frank "Big Frank" Pastore, Anthony "Little Anthony" Pipitone, Anthony "Scal" Sclafani, Paul "Fat Paulie" Spina, Manny Bana, Peter DeFilippo, Frank DeRosa, Sebastian DeRosa, Richard Lotito, Vito Pipitone, Joseph Spatola, Frank Terzo and Natale Terzo.
The DeRosas and Pipitones have pleaded guilty to various charges and the other cases remain open, said U.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of New York spokesman Robert Nardoza today.
Sclafani reported to Sammartino in the Bonanno hierarchy and federal documents quote Sclafani threatening a federal informant, who was also a mob member. The informant was behind in his own loanshark payments.
"You're lucky we don't saw you in half and leave you in the woods," Sclafani told the informant, court documents say.
Today Jersey City Police Deputy Chief Peter Nalbach recalled responding to a shooting in the Marion section in the early 1980s and finding Sammartino had been shot in the face through a door in what appeared to be a setup.
Sammartino's son made headlines in 2001 when he testified against a ruthless Bonanno murderer who killed two men above a Tonnelle Avenue car dealership in North Bergen in 1993.
Sammartino Jr. - who is thought to be in a witness protection program - testified Elvis Irizarry slit one man's throat from ear to ear. Irizarry once beat up Sammartino Sr. so savagely that Sammartino Sr. defecated in his pants, according to press reports.
Sammartino Sr. faces up to 2 years in prison when sentenced at 11 a.m. on Oct. 15 by U.S. District Court Judge Nicholas Garaufis in Brooklyn.


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