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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Turncoat Former Bonanno Underboss To Be Sentenced

As reported yesterday in Newsday, Sal "Good Looking Sal" Vitale, the former Bonanno underboss who turned snitch and cooperated against his brother in law Joe Massino, is scheduled to be sentenced for racketeering on Friday, October 30, in Brooklyn federal court. Vitale plead to racketeering and complicity in some Bonanno family murders and faces life. But federal prosecutors have gone to bat for him, filing a long presentencing memo extolling his cooperation and how he provided the FBI with intelligence on all five Mafia families in New York. The feds want Judge Nicholas Garaufis to give him help of sentencing so he avoids a long prison term, maybe even give him time served which so far is about seven years. No one but Garaufis knows what the sentence will be. But some cooperators have received time served, although with his own admission about taking part in a dozen murders it might be hard for the court not to give him some time in prison.



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