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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fire Bombs In Montreal Tied To Mafia War

Over the last few months there have been 19 fire bomb attacks against Italian cafes and bars in Montreal, QC Canada, and yesterday Police Commander Mario Lamothe announced that the violence "is rooted in an ongoing battle between rival Mafia clans for control of the drug trade" as reported by Jan Ravensbergen for The Gazette: "He refused to specify which factions of the Montreal Mob his investigators believe are fighting for drug-trade turf. Nor would he speculate on any links these clans might have with the owners of the businesses being targeted." However, Cmdr. Lamothe did state that all of the nineteen targeted businesses "have something in common" as reported by CBC News: "'The illegal activity that is going there, drugs basically. It can be illegal gambling, it can be prostitution, and the known organized crime figures, that's a common aspect,' said Lamothe." Video
Over the last year several Rizzuto clan members and associates – including patriarch Nicolo Rizzuto and his grandson Nick Rizzuto Jr. – have been slain in Montreal. Some mob experts speculate that interloping 'ndrangheta or Calabrian mobsters from Ontario – perhaps with the blessing of some boys from New York – may be responsible for the ongoing massacre against the Sicilian Rizzuto clan.
And to the victors go the spoils which largely is about control over the drug trade as reported by Chris Doucette for The Toronto Sun: "Montreal has historically been Canada's top prize when it comes to the Mafia because of its shipping port. Charlie 'Lucky' Luciano realized in 1954 that controlling Montreal was critical to running the lucrative drug market in New York. The city is ideally situated as a 'gateway' for importing drugs from around the world and then shipping them off to nearby New York." The 'ndrangheta in Canada "is capable of replacing the now weakened Rizzuto clan," and "is considered by Italian authorities to be more powerful, richer and better able to distribute drugs globally than any Mafia group" as reported by Rob Lamberti for The Toronto Sun.


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