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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Montreal Mafia & Dirty Politicians Have A Grip On Quebec’s Construction Industry

View of downtown Montreal.Image via Wikipedia
On Tuesday Paul Sauve, the president of L.M. Sauve Construction Ltd., testified before a parliamentary committee in Ottawa on Tuesday during which he alleged that the Montreal Mafia and dirty politicians are involved in Quebec's construction industry as reported by The Montreal Gazette: "there is a direct link between organized crime, large unions, contractors and politicians and I state for the record today having heard from members of this clan that three councilmen that are currently serving for the city of Montreal, as well as the mayor himself, I believe to part and parcel of this controversy." Montreal Mayor Gerald Tremblay responded via a press release to Sauve's allegations as "so grotesque and unfounded that Mayor Tremblay will not make any other comments." Well, that settles that!
Meanwhile, the governing Liberal party in Quebec – headed by Premier Jean Charest – stubbornly refuses to support a full-fledged public inquiry into the allegations which is leading some to now call for Canada's federal government to step into the fray as reported by Eric Duhaime for The Toronto Sun: "Nobody knows how many more scandals or how much more evidence it will take before Charest finally holds an independent and public inquiry into the construction industry. * * * If Jean Charest refuses to put an end to this nonsense, many Quebecers will want to ask the federal government to intervene."


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