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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

John Gotti Crony Anthony "Tony Roach" Rampino Dies At 71

Anthony (Tony Roach) Rampino, a member of the late John Gotti's crew that whacked then-Gambino boss Paul Castellano, died Monday at an upstate hospital.
Rampino, 71, was serving a 25-years-to-life term for a 1987 heroin trafficking conviction at the time of his death.
A spokeswoman for the state Department of Correction said Rampino was admitted to St. Luke's Hospital in New Hartford on Dec. 4.
The colorful mob character had been suffering from heart and respiratory ailments, according to court filings.
Rampino, notable for his skull-like appearance, was never inducted into the crime family, but was a member of Gotti's inner circle and always at his side at wakes, funerals and mob social clubs in the 1980s.
On Dec. 16, 1985, Rampino was a backup shooter when Castellano and bodyguard Thomas Bilotti were gunned down in front of Sparks Steak House - an assassination that vaulted Gotti to the leadership of the crime family and Mafia infamy.
"His job was to kill anyone, civilians or cops, who followed the hit team," said a knowledgeable source. "He was the scariest man you'd ever meet - tall, lean and he looked like a vampire."
Rampino would have been eligible for parole in 2012.



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