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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mob History Treasure Trove At Hathi Trust

Hathi Trust, a digital library which is a partnership of more than fifty research institutions and libraries, is putting the public record online, and among the documents available are otherwise hard-to-find governmental hearings and reports on organized crime.
For example, its collection includes the groundbreaking 1951 Kefauver Committee Report On Organized Crime together with some of the underlying transcripts and exhibits from its committee hearings including volume numbers two, six, seven, eight and twelve.
Other notable works in the Hathi Trust's extensive collection include: the 1921 report enabling the Chicago Crime Commission; 1983 Senate Hearings on Organized Crime in America:  volumes one and two; 1983 Senate hearings on Organized Crime in Chicago; the 1986 President's Commission Report On Organized Crime and its underlying 1984 hearing transcripts and exhibits; and 1988 Senate hearings on Organized Crime:  25 Years After Valachi.



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