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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Montreal Expects More Mafia Violence In 2011

In Montreal, QC Canada 2010 literally is going out with a bang.
Over the last few months there have been 19 fire bomb attacks against Italian cafes and bars in the city, and Police Commander Mario Lamothe opined that the violence "is rooted in an ongoing battle between rival Mafia clans for control of the drug trade" as reported by Jan Ravensbergen for The Gazette.
Over the last year several Rizzuto clan members and associates -- including patriarch Nicolo Rizzuto and his grandson Nick Rizzuto Jr. -- have been slain in Montreal. Some mob experts speculate that interloping 'ndrangheta or Calabrian mobsters from Ontario -- perhaps with the blessing of some boys from New York -- may be responsible for the ongoing massacre against the Sicilian Rizzuto clan.
In any event, police are bracing for more of the same in 2011 as reported by The Canadian Press:  "One veteran officer says either the Rizzuto clan will mount some sort of offensive or they will be replaced for good."
Meanwhile, Quebec Premier Jean Charest "will face one of the toughest challenges of his political career in 2011:  untangle his province and government from a web of scandal and corruption allegations" as reported by Marianne White for Postmedia News:  "They range from mob infiltration in construction contracting to underground party financing and cronyism."


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