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Friday, December 3, 2010

Staten Island house from 'The Godfather' goes on market for $2.9M

A Tudor-style home on Staten Island featured in "The Godfather" is on the market for $2.9 million - or an offer the owners can't refuse.
Vito Corleone's eight-bedroom mansion on Longfellow Ave. in Emerson Hill sits on a 24,000-square-foot lot and includes an inground pool and a four-car garage.
The wedding reception for Don Corleone's daughter was shot on the sprawling grounds. Meals and family meetings took place inside the home throughout the filming of the 1972 flick.
The pad boasts four bathrooms, two fireplaces and a pub basement. The house sits at the end of a tree-lined block surrounded by more modest homes.
The 90-year-old owner died in November, neighbors said. They hope the next owner keeps the iconic home intact.
"We just hope whoever buys it doesn't want to knock it down and build something new," Peter Albert, 66, said. "It's a beautiful home."
And it's a neighborhood treasure, he noted.
"I remember when they filmed the wedding in the backyard," his wife, Elaine Albert, 62, added. "People know it. Japanese tourists come here to take pictures. We like it the way it is."
Steve Howard, 67, also lives nearby.
"I was just a boy when they filmed the movie here. I grew up knowing it as 'The Godfather house,' " Howard said.



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