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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Suspected Mob Bodyguard Charged In Montreal

Bodyguard of the BKA
A 33-year-old man who was believed to have served as a bodyguard at the highest levels of the Mafia in Montreal faces almost a dozen charges in a case that indicates people tied to the mob are still bracing for violence.
Desiderio (Desi) Pompa, 33, of Laval, was charged at the Montreal courthouse yesterday with 11 counts related to firearms and another weapon the Montreal police seized in an investigation they described as related to organized crime. Rita D'Andrea, 30, a woman who resides at the same address as Pompa, was arrested with him on Monday.
The charges they face are related to at least four firearms seized in the investigation, including a .357-calibre revolver and a .22-calibre semiautomic pistol.
It is the fourth series of arrests made this year of people alleged to have ties to the Mafia in Montreal, including Antonio (Tony) Mucci, reputed to be an influential mob figure. While he was investigated, Mucci was known to be driving around the city in a heavily-armoured sport utility vehicle. Since August 2009, several people tied to the Mafia have been killed in and around the city.
During Project Colisee, a police investigation into the Mafia that ended in dozens of arrests in 2006, Pompa appeared to police to be acting as a bodyguard for the most important members of the Mafia.
Late in 2005, while Francesco Arcadi, a man who was at that point considered to be the street boss of the Rizzuto organization, was involved in a potentially explosive conflict with members of an organization based in Granby, Pompa was observed by police at the Consenza
Social Club in St. Leonard escorting mob leaders to their cars.
The dispute was over a large-scale marijuana deal that had gone bad. By December 2005, a person associated with the Rizzuto organization had been kidnapped and held against his will for weeks.
On Dec. 30 and 31 of 2005, Pompa was observed escorting Nicolo Rizzuto Sr., who was murdered at his home last month, to his car. When Arcadi would come to or leave from the social club, which served as the Rizzuto organization's headquarters, Pompa would come out to his car and escort him inside.
He was also observed both at the Consenza Social Club and a bar in Laval, acting as a bodyguard to mob leaders Francesco Del Balso and Lorenzo Giordano shortly after their associate, Domenico Macri, was murdered in August 2006. According to court documents filed in Project Colisee, Pompa was seen manipulating a firearm inside the Laval bar while it was being monitored by police. Pompa was not charged in Project Colisee.



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