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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Trial Update: Basciano Accuses Feds Of Set Up, Lawyers Ask For Investigation

In King of The Godfathers, chapter 28, there is mention of Basciano's confinement under draconian solitary confinement, called "special administrative measures" or SAM.  In recent weeks, according to his lawyers, Basciano has faced circumstances which seem "at best inexplicable" and "at worst they are sinister." The lawyers are talking about the fact that in September, federal officials opted to not continue the SAM because there was "inadequate evidence" to justify the harsh conditions. Those conditions were initially imposed because of an alleged "hit list." But after Basciano wouldn't stipulate to monitored visits, the SAM conditions were reinstituted. This has prevented him from having contact visits with his attorneys in the death penalty case. On top of that, Basciano received a letter from a reputed mob associate, which he immediately turned over to the government, fearing a set up, said the lawyers in court filings.  The attorneys contend the letter was given to Basciano by the government in violation of the SAM and seems that the missive was sent quite possibily as a set up. The lawyers wrote to Judge Nicholas Garaufis asking for an investigation and a hearing about the letter, particularly because they contend it might have been the real reason for the reinstituted SAM. Government is expected to respond.



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