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Friday, January 7, 2011

3 Charged In Rizzuto Owned Funeral Home Firebombing

Three men have been charged with conspiracy and arson after a funeral home owned by the Rizzuto family was firebombed in east-end Montreal.
Sounthone Chareunsouk, 30, Julien Bourassa-Richer, 27, and Alexandre Toualy, 28, all face four charges in connection with the Thursday morning attack.
The Loreto Funeral Complex was hit just before 1 a.m. ET. The attack happened at the back of the funeral home, but the type of device used in the firebombing was not clear.
A piece of plywood has since been installed over a broken window next to the back entrance and damage is minimal.
Montreal police Const. Raphael Bergeron said a passerby contacted police after seeing two men near the funeral home who were acting suspicious.
"They were running away from the premises and [the caller] gave the description of the suspects' vehicle that was waiting for them not far from the funeral home."
Bergeron said a police cruiser not far from the scene intercepted the vehicle, and three men were taken into custody for questioning.
"Nobody was injured, nobody was inside the premises," he said.

Bail hearing Monday

Firefighters examine a broken window next to the back entrance of the Loreto funeral home. 
Firefighters examine a broken window next to the back entrance of the Loreto funeral home. (Radio Canada)

All three men face two arson-related charges, as well as conspiracy and possession of an incendiary device charges.
Crown prosecutor Pascal Dostaler said the evidence against the men is strong, adding that public safety would be at risk if they're allowed out of jail before trial.
The prosecution objected to bail so a hearing has been scheduled for Monday.
All three suspects have criminal records.
Chareunsouk, who is also facing a charge of cocaine possession, is on probation. He has a dozen prior convictions dating back to 1999, including assault.

Rizzuto family

Over the years, the funeral home has been the site of visitations for members of the Rizzuto family, most recently after the killing of Nicolo Rizzuto Sr., the reputed patriarch of the Montreal Mafia, who was gunned down inside his home in November.
Dozens of businesses, including caf├ęs and restaurants, have been hit by Molotov cocktails across Montreal island in the last year.
Authorities suspect some of the attacks may be related to a Mafia or street-gang turf battle that may involve extortion.



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