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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

John Travolta reportedly will play John Gotti in film on mob boss - and James Franco may play Jr.

John Travolta will play the role of John Gotti in an upcoming film on the legendary mob boss, TMZ.com reported Tuesday.
Marty Ingels, the producer of the film based on Gotti's life, told the gossip site that Travolta will play the lead role.

Travolta - dining with Ingels at an Italian restaurant in Los Angeles on Monday night - was more coy, refusing to discuss the role.
Sources told TMZ.com that James Franco has been approached to play John A. (Junior) Gotti in the film, which will be directed by Nick Cassavetes.
John Gotti, known as the Dapper Don, died in prison in 2002 after running the Gambino crime family until 1992, when he was convicted on murder charges.



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