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Monday, January 3, 2011

Victims Of Bonanno Extortion Plot Sentenced

Readers of "King of The Godfathers," chapter 28, will remember the saga described in the book of the husband and wife team of Vincent and Yvonne Rossetti of Howard Beach. The couple showed up as witnesses in a Bonanno crime family extortion case with Yvonne as the alleged victim. Vincent, in trouble in a separate case, turned into a government witness and provided evidence about the shakedown alleged concerning his wife and also was a witness in the 2009 trial of Gambino soldier Charles Carneglia. On Wednesday, Vincent, who testified at the Carneglia trial about being an associate of the mob for years, received five years probation from Judge Raymond Dearie in Brooklyn federal court for his federal transgressions, said court sources.  Not a bad deal which means he is a free man. Court observers said there were plenty of FBI agents in the public gallery. Yvonne also got probation earlier from Dearie after she admitted in the same court house to having carried out an investment scam. The couple is apparently no longer in Howard Beach. They have four young girls.



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