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Sunday, February 6, 2011

DeFilippo Hit Charges In and Judge Andres Charges Out For Baciano

In a change of heart, a Brooklyn federal judge has decided to keep prosecutors from introducing evidence of an alleged solicitation to kill assistant U.S. attorney Greg Andres in the upcoming trial of Vincent Basciano, all which is layed out in King Of The Godfathers. Judge  Nicholas Garaufis had earlier said the government could bring in evidence about the Andres plot to show Basciano's efforts after his November 2004 arrest to protect to the Bonanno family from preceived threats as a way of showing his involvement with criminal activity. But at a recent hearing prosecutors said they thought they could prove Basciano's guilt by his pre-arrest conduct. So, Garaufis said the rather prejudicial evidence about the Andres plot was going to be kept out. The allegation about the plot was in the indictment earlier but removed after an adverse appellate court ruling.
    In terms of the alleged plot to kill Patty DeFilippo, Garaufis said since suspected conspiracy happened before Basciano was arrested it would be allowed in for trial as evidence of Basciano's attempt to consolidate his power as acting boss of the crime family.  The key evidence is notes passed by Basciano to then-incarcerated boss Joseph Massino. The DeFilippo plot isn't an actual charge in the indictment, which deals with the 2004 murder of Randolph Pizzolo. A trial is set to begin in March, with Massino expected to be a key witness.



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