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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Basciano Convicted-Death Penalty Phase To Start

Monday's conviction of former acting Bonanno boss Vincent Basciano for conspiracy in the killing of a mob associate sets the stage for a mini-trial over whether the jury should order his death by lethal injection.  Judge Nicholas Garaufis set next Monday as they day to start the penalty phase in which the prosecution will present evidence of aggravating factors which warrant Basciano's execution while the defense will present a case for mitigation--and sparing his life. Basciano is already serving life in prison for another murder conviction.  No major mobster has been executed in New York since Louis Buchalter, head of Murder Inc., in 1944.  The defense will present evidence that Basciano's own death would cause harm to his family and children. The defense is also going to show that other mobsters, notably Joe Massino, have carried out numerous murders and have not faced the death penalty. The defense will also argue that others were involved in the murder of the man Basciano was convicted of killing--Randolph Pizzolo--and were given prison terms.  The Basciano cases have been described in detail in parts of "King Of The Godfathers."



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