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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

FBI retirees fight to free John Connolly

In March, a three-member panel of state appellate judges ruled against Connolly without issuing a written opinion, and Connolly is now appealing to the Florida Supreme Court.
"We need to get a good opinion out of that Florida appeals court," said Willie Reagan, who served as an undercover agent infiltrating the mob in New England. "If they refuse, we’re essentially dead in the water."
From his cell in Butner, N.C., Connolly wrote a series of emails to the Los Angeles Times. "It’s the worst cover-up in the modern annals of the Justice Department," he wrote.
Connolly, who was the basis for the role played by the actor Matt Damon in "The Departed," the Oscar-winning film about law enforcement corruption loosely based on Connolly’s story, said he had been "deliberately framed" by perjured testimony from mobsters he was investigating and FBI superiors who were on the take.
As for the slaying in Florida three decades ago, Connolly dismissed it as a "time-lapsed murder I had nothing to do with."
Frank Keating, an FBI agent who rose to associate attorney general and governor of Oklahoma, is bothered that Connolly remains in prison while Martorano walks free after killing 20 people, including a friend of Keating’s wife’s parents.
"John Connolly scraped his knees and there’s no excuse for his behavior," Keating said. "But a killer of other human beings walking around in order to get a dirty FBI agent? That’s just mind-boggling. Do you catch a minnow with a shark? I’d rather go after the shark."



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