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Monday, May 9, 2011

Manocchio lands big name Boston lawyer

The reputed former boss of the Patriarca crime family has landed a well-known Boston criminal defense attorney to represent him in the federal organized crime case.
Joseph Balliro and his daughter, Juliane, appeared with Luigi “Baby Shacks” Manocchio, at a hearing in federal court Monday. Manocchio’s current attorney, Mary June Ciresi told a judge she had to step down because of an ethical conflict she had with the case.
Ciresi declined to elaborate on the conflict when asked by a reporter, but in her motion she cited a rule that suggests she is representing someone who may have a connection to the case against Manocchio.
Balliro is a well-known lawyer in New England. He has represented such names as the patriarch of the new England Crime Family, Raymond L.S. Patriarca and Boston’s reputed former underboss, the late Gennaro Angiulo.
Outside federal court in Providence, Joseph Balliro declined to say how he got involved in the Manocchio case. He told reporters he hasn’t had a chance to pour over the evidence against his client. Balliro, his daughter and local counsel Edward Romano met with Manocchio for about an hour after the hearing.
A judge has to sign off on the Balliro family’s representation of Manocchio, but federal prosecutors told Magistrate Judge David Martin they have no plans to file an objection.
In 2010, Juliane Balliro represented Boston’s Peter Limone – who the Massachusetts State Police have identified as the current boss of the Patriarca crime family – in an organized criminal gambling case. Limone spent 33 years in prison for the gangland slaying of Edward “Teddy” Deegan, but was set free after evidence proved he had been wrongfully convicted.
Limone won a landmark civil suit against the federal government four years ago for the three decades he spent behind bars.
Manocchio, 83, of Providence appeared in court in a tan prison jump suit. He is being housed at the Wyatt Detention Center in Central Falls. He sniped at prosecutor William Ferland when he entered the courtroom, asking the veteran prosecutor if he was “happy” that he won the preliminary hearing to keep him locked up.
“We’re never happy about it,” Ferland replied.
Manocchio was arrested in January as part of a national crackdown into organized crime. He’s accused of shaking down Rhode Island strip clubs for protection money.
He has filed an appeal with a federal appeals court on the decision to keep him in prison pending trial. Balliro said he intends to represent Manocchio at that hearing. No date has been scheduled yet.



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