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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mob Wives Recap: Junior to the Rescue…AGAIN!

“Mob Wives” this evening was all about drama but then when isn’t it? This episode revolves around Renee and what Renee wants and what Renee does…ever the mafia princess and drama queen! First, she finds out that Junior was arrested for gambling on probation and is out on bail. A sigh of relief is temporarily breathed, but she knows he is going back into jail, so is gearing up for the same old thing!
Drita texts Renee to set up a dinner date to discuss what happened at Carla’s birthday party and Renee accepts – until Karen refreshes her memory that Drita stated she wanted to ring her “dumb tw** neck?” Renee goes all gangster and calls off the dinner date at the last minute, leaving Drita hanging who calls Carla to go out for drinks. Next week, we find out how that goes and it is looking like Drita is once more out of control!
Karen visits Drita to talk about what happened at Carla’s party and to tell her she has patched things with Renee to find out about Drita’s upcoming meeting with Renee. Karen fails to mention to Renee she has spoken with Drita and stirs up the aggressive attitude in Renee which causes the last minute call off. I’m thinking Karen needs to be watched; she is definitely going to be the instigator in this show! Renee basically calls Drita a “mobster wannabe!”
Carla gets a call from her husband to which she tells him about the absolutely rude behavior being displayed by her son who cannot be more than ten years old. The mouth on this kid needs to be tamed as does his ridiculously rude antics toward his mother and sister. Carla cannot just keep sitting around and allowing this to happen as she waits for Joe to get out of prison. She needs to step up as a mother and curb this by laying down some rules and implementing some discipline immediately.
Renee’s psychic party goes well with everyone learning some things they already knew but feel better about confronting them since the psychic confirms suspicions. Really? What a croc! Anyway, the psychic JoAnn tells Renee she needs to decide who stays and who goes in her current relationships after she professes to counselor she wants to get out of the mob lifestyle to live a “normal” life. After meeting with Drita for dinner and clearing the air which involved Drita apologizing, realizing she does not back down once angered, Renee meets with Karen for drinks. They are approached by some drunken ass asking if they want to see pictures of his “yaya.” Renee gets upset and calls in the cavalry…Junior…who will always remain her crutch. Junior shows up and talks to the guy, making him apologize to Renee to set her emotions a whirl once more that Junior still loves her and this is the life she wants as she relates it to loyalty, love, respect, and honesty. This woman is seriously messed up and as Karen puts it, is going to need a mobster exorcist to clear Renee’s head!



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