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Friday, May 6, 2011

Mobster Randy Pizzolo predicted his own killing week before hit ordered by Vinny Gorgeous

A Bonanno crime family associate who was allegedly rubbed out on boss Vincent "Vinny Gorgeous" Basciano's orders had confided to his daughter that he believed he was a marked man just one week before he was gunned down.
The daughter of deceased Bonanno associate Randy Pizzolo told a rapt jury in Brooklyn federal court that her father seemed to know that his death was imminent.
"He said, 'Your father is checking out soon,' " Connie Cordero testified yesterday about what Pizzolo told her -- one week before he was murdered in a 2004 mob execution in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.
Federal prosecutors say former Bonanno boss Basciano ordered the hit on Pizzolo because he considered him to be disrespectful. Basciano, who faces the death penalty, says he's innocent.
Cordero also said that, shortly before his death, Pizzolo took out a $1 million life-insurance policy -- but died the day he was supposed to sign it.
Also yesterday, a former NYPD detective assigned to the organized-crime unit testified that, in 2002, he unwittingly moved into a Bronx apartment in Pelham Bay that was directly across the street from the home of Basciano's girlfriend, Deborah Kalb.
Detective Thomas Crowe took advantage of the situation and shot surveillance photos of Basciano chatting with other Bonanno wiseguys.


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