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Friday, July 22, 2011

Mass state police recorded Boston mob captain meeting with FBI handler evidence reveals, mobsters now await indictments

Although it is very hot out this week MARK ROSSETTI is even hotter. This guy is working on a deal to give up EVERYONE. He is so hot that every made guy in Boston is waiting to have their door kicked in by the feds.

I just got info from one of his codefendants on how this all came to light. Apparently when they got some of their discovery in the State case there were a few lines in there about the alleged "leader" of the crew being overheard on wire tap talking to his FBI handler. So obviously they all wanted to know who the hell they were talking about and they started filing motions to get to the bottom of it. Keep in mind that the MASS STATE POLICE have been butting heads with the FBI for years over their informants so they don't give a crap if they guy is working for the FBI.

Eventually the lawyers were shown evidence that it was none other than MARK ROSSETTI the CAPO that was the rat turncoat and has been working with the FBI for years. The documents were only allowed to be seen by defense attorneys and not defendants because the government always goes the extra mile to protect their rats but don't worry, they have filed more motions trying to make this public for their defense and another hearing is scheduled for August 1st. Eventually they will have to give the defendants all the information they seek if they wish to prosecute them.

I still have no idea how these poor bastards can even be charged with these crimes. First of all I don't believe they committed any of them and secondly, even if they did do these things under the direction of MARK ROSSETTI who was working for the FBI at the time then they can't be charged. How can an agent of the FBI ask you to commit a crime and then you get arrested for doing it? Sounds like ENTRAPMENT to me. I actually think these guys will do pretty good in their cases if they keep fighting.

Let us not forget that this is a RAT and a RAT will do anything to save his neck.

Lets keep our fingers crossed that it all comes out on August 1st. Until then remember EVEN A FISH WOULDN'T GET CAUGHT IF HE KEPT HIS MOUTH SHUT!



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