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Friday, September 16, 2011

Close associate of jailed Montreal mob boss is targeted in shooting

The Laval police are investigating what appears to be an attempt on the life of a former close associate of Vito Rizzuto.
The intended victim is reported to be Raynald Desjardins, 57, a man who used to be a close associate of Rizzuto. a leader in the mafia in Montreal who is surrently serving time in a penitentiary in the U.S.
Desjardins and Rizzuto used to be so close that the police would often refer to them and their associates as the Rizzuto-Desjardins organization.
Desjardins received a 15-year sentence for drug smuggling in the 1990s. He was caught plotting to smuggle cocaine into Canada with influential members of the Hells Angels.
Constable Franco Di Genova, of the Laval police was not able to comment on who was targeted but did say investigators are currently on the scene of a shooting where it appears two cars were damaged Friday morning.
The area is close to where the new bridge connecting Laval to Montreal recently opened.
More details to come.


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