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Friday, September 30, 2011

Deported Bonanno boss murders his way to power in new Canadian mafia

The new mafia

Nearly a year after the assassination of the sponsor Nicolo Rizzuto, the Italian Mafia is still trying to reorganize. So qu'attentats, murders and disappearances are increasing in the tumult of a change of guard, a new sponsor should come. Names are already on their radar screens.

If, for some thirty years, Rizzuto's name is synonymous with power and respect to the head of the famiglia , Quebecers will now be an ear to another name.

One year after the assassination of the old godfather in his kitchen, November 11, 2010, and five years after the operation who placed Coliseum in jail the leaders of the organization, it is time for renewal. The reign of the Sicilians and the Rizzuto clan is long gone.

Who takes over? Who will become the new sponsor? Who has enough power, influence and contacts to become the strongman of the Italian Mafia? That's the big question.

While the underworld done its homework and is restructuring the police trying to identify the new sponsor. A daunting task, given the proverbial omerta that prevails in this environment. The police had also been a few years before finding that Rizzuto led the way in the 1980s.

We want names

But the names of potential candidates to succeed flow (see box on page 2). Among them, one of Raynald Desjardins, a former drug dealer and associate of Vito Rizzuto now recycled building contractor. A man who has money and influence to the star according to our sources.

But even if he wanted, Desjardins, a native of Quebec, however, could become the official sponsor, a role reserved for the Italian original.

This title, however, could fall to his former brother-Joe Di Maulo, a Calabrian who have gravitated to the bosom of Cotroni during the 1970s, told police officers in the ranks.

And throughout this portrait, the name of a Sicilian resort and intrigue: Salvatore Montagna.

Montreal-born Montagna is the former acting chief of the Clan Bonanno of New York. He was deported by the United States and returned to Montreal in April 2009. Soon after, the Sicilians began to fall.

Gone are the sponsors?

One year after the murder of Nicolo Rizzuto, the police did not rule out that the function of sponsor be abolished and replaced by that of "wise". The latter mediate conflicts and would report the Mafia families in Toronto, Hamilton and New York, according to a police expert in organized crime, now exert a major influence on what is happening in Montreal.

"The Sicilians have died with the old. The habits and customs will change. These families have given their consent to the group that wiped out the Rizzuto. The main criminal activities are no longer centered in Montreal and a larger part is now controlled in Toronto and New York, "he said.

According to our sources, since the fall of Rizzuto, the Montreal organized crime is composed of three or four cells that form a sort of consortium.

But after a relative lull and a coexistence of "tolerance" would be important disagreements emerged among all these people and have come to light with the failed attack against Raynald Desjardins recently Laval. Now the police apprehend the worst.

The discovery in February, about forty of weapons and explosives from a warehouse in the street Pascal-Gagnon is linked with the conflict that is emerging.

The perfect sponsor

Qualities that the future leader should have in 2011

Be well off
Have a roofing company apparently legal
Have contact and influence
Be over 40 years
Raising Families of Ontario or New York



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