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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Poll Results: Which family should the next mob movie be about?

Colombos   55 (10%)
Bonannos  53 (9%)
Genovese 88 (16%)
Gambinos 66 (12%)
Lucchese  37 (6%)
Philadelphia  66 (12%)
New England  140 (26%)
Chicago  27 (5%)

Total votes: 532

Over 500 of our readers voted in in our most recent poll and made their intentions known that they would like to see the next mob movie based on the New England mafia, the Patriarca crime family. The Patriarca's have had a storied history especially in recent times. Taken down by FBI informant/murderer Whitey Bulger in the 1980's, followed by a civil war, the reign of Baby Shacks, and the recent defections of Mark Rossetti (apparently another Bulger episode) and the rumored disappearance/defection of Bobby Deluca. This would definitely make very entertaining viewing that's for sure if it ever came to the big screen.

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