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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Another Bulger? Feds Probe FBI Mob Informant Use

The Department of Justice is investigating the Boston FBI’s relationship with a reputed East Boston mobster who worked as a paid informant for the agency for decades, Newscenter 5 has learned.
Last week a six-person panel of investigators began to look at allegations from Massachusetts law enforcement officials that the FBI lied about its use of reputed Mafia capo Mark Rossetti, 54, as an informant, said Congressman Stephen Lynch (D-South Boston).FBI spokesman Paul Bresson confirmed the probe saying in a statement, “Regarding the Rosetti matter, an inspection team from FBI headquarters in Washington D.C., is currently reviewing.’’Lynch – who has filed legislation that would give Congress control over the FBI informant program – told Newscenter 5 it appeared that Rossetti was “running a criminal enterprise” while in the informant program.Rossetti was an informant on par with James “Whitey” Bulger – whose unholy marriage with the FBI led to a 2004 Congressional investigation. Several sources told Newscenter 5 Rossetti's cooperation earned him hundreds of dollars in taxpayer monies a month, and a free cell phone.“He was a top echelon informant,’’ said defense attorney Steve Boozang, as he argued during a court hearing that wiretaps used to snare Rossetti and his accused underlings should be thrown out. “You don’t start off as a top echelon informant. You have to rat yourself up the ladder.”Rossetti’s alleged criminal enterprise was busted by prosecutors from the Attorney General and Essex County District Attorney’s Offices in March of 2010 after a sweeping indictment that put Rossetti at the head of a crime family chart alleging drug dealing, racketeering, shakedowns and other violent crimes.In a court hearing last month, prosecutor Dean Mazzone said that the FBI was not truthful with investigators about Rossetti’s informant status when the 18-month sting began with wiretaps at the reputed Mafiosi’s East Boston headquarters, The Bunker.His informant status was discovered by accident. State troopers listening to wiretapped cell phone conversations recognized the voice of an FBI agent talking to Rossetti.“The federal informant was intercepted talking to his federal handler on a wiretap in this case,’’ said defense attorney Robert George, who also argued on behalf of an accused bookie in the Rossetti case that the wiretap evidence should be disregarded.The FBI’s lack of cooperation with the Rossetti case led State Police Lt. Col. Steve Matthews to seek a meeting with Boston agency heads. He was quick to say that state police have a good relationship in terrorism and bank robbery and other joint squads.Organized crime cases have long been a problem, he added.“It’s well documented we have had some issues historically concerning organized crime cases,’’ Matthews said. “I do have some concerns and we will address that with the FBI.”


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