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Monday, November 28, 2011

Imprisoned Wall Street trader looking for love online

'Believe it or not, I was once on top of the world. Unfortunately, I’ve temporarily been dethroned of my crown. Are you up for the journey back to the top with me?' — Disgraced mob-tied trader Roy Ageloff

Ladies, take note: His scheduled release date is Dec. 11, 2013.

An imprisoned Wall Street trader who has admitted to running one of the biggest mob-linked stock frauds in US history is searching for a lady willing to overlook his sleazy past.

Although currently housed in a federal prison, former millionaire fallen trader Roy Ageloff has posted a smarmy online dating profile promoting himself as an aristocrat of finance and announcing his quest to find a woman with “an honest heart.”

“What good is it to be king if you have no queen?” Ageloff, a Brooklyn native, asks on the Web site Prison Inmates Online.

The 52-year-old scammer’s profile avoids mentioning his links to the Genovese crime family that resulted in a conviction on racketeering charges.

“Believe it or not, I was once on top of the world. Unfortunately, I’ve temporarily been dethroned of my crown. Are you up for the journey back to the top with me?” Ageloff coos.

At one point, during a congressional hearing on the infiltration of Wall Street by organized crime, a ranking Securities and Exchange Commission official called Ageloff’s scheme “a vast ‘pump and dump’ manipulation.”

He still owes $190 million in restitution to the thousands of victims of the stock fraud, according to court documents. But Ageloff offers no apology in the dating profile for his exploits. He even suggests that potential mates may find them amusing.

“Just Google my name. Believe me, you will be entertained,” Ageloff writes.

The right woman will be able to appreciate his “positive energy,” Ageloff says, explaining that he’s looking for someone “who may be interested in sharing my love for sports, entertainment, but most of all adventure.”

“The one thing I can guarantee is you will never have a dull moment with me,” he says.

Ageloff writes that his favorite food is Italian, professes his love for R&B, rock and house music, and says his favorite film is “Field of Dreams.”

Ironically, he cites Robin Hood as his favorite hero. But he’s no public do-gooder.

Before he was tossed into prison, and then even afterward, Ageloff was busy hiding millions from his stock-fraud scheme, court records show. He used the dough to pay for a house in the Hamptons, luxury cars for family members and a pricey, private-school education for his kids, according to the documents.

That led to a new money-laundering conviction and extended his prison stay by several years.

Meanwhile, his troubled past doesn’t seem to have weakened Ageloff’s unbridled spirit.

“I have experienced the highs and lows of life. Obviously, my current prison condition is the latter,’’ he writes in his profile.

“But by no means has it dampened my zest for life. The best is yet to come.”



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