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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mafia suspects Carmine Persico, Vito Cortesiano, Giuseppe Destefano and Neil Messina are freed for Thanksgiving with loved ones

THE FEDERAL bench has cut four of New York’s Goodfellas a big break, letting them travel on Thanksgiving — two to see their girlfriends and the other two to see dear old mom.
Defense lawyer Joseph Corozzo got a 12-hour furlough for reputed mob associate Carmine Persico to spend Thursday at his girlfriend's Long Island home.
Persico, the nephew of Colombo crime boss Carmine (The Snake) Persico, is charged with extortion and is otherwise confined to home detention with an ankle bracelet.
A review of court records by the Daily News also found that reputed Gambino associate Vito (Vito Love) Cortesiano, who is indicted for racketeering, is jetting with his fiancee and her parents to Puerto Rico, where the temperatures are in the high 80s this week.
“No co-defendant or potential witnesses will be on this trip, lawyer Patten Brown pledged in court papers to Brooklyn Federal Judge Kiyo Matsumoto who approved the request.
And then there are the two who really do earn the “good” — in GoodFella.
Reputed Colombo associate Giuseppe (Pooch) Destefano and Bonanno associate Neil Messina, got their reprieves from house arrest to have Thanksgiving dinner with their mothers.
What good boys!
Destefano, awaiting sentencing for racketeering conspiracy, will be dining at Broadway Mike restaurant in Staten Island.
Messina, who is charged in a home invasion robbery in which a Brooklyn man and his dog were killed, will be at his parents Brooklyn apartment.
Both men are consigned to house arrest and forced to wear ankle bracelets.
Messinas lawyer Gerald McMahon said he has never had a client turned down by a judge for a Thanksgiving outing.
McMahon said he understands why his clients want a little extra on the holiday.
“Its the best holiday of the year for anyone who loves turkey and football, the lawyer added.
There are more than 70 defendants like the four mobsters out on bail in New York.
That only four have asked for any modification may be a sign of the tough economic times, Corozzo speculated.
After all, it’s cheaper to just stay at home than to gas up the car and travel a great distance, fighting horrendous traffic.
Still, he said of the rest, “Im sure everyone one of these defendants is spending Thanksgiving with their their families.”
There are some places that are off-limits to Mafia jailbirds — the highlyregarded Parkside restaurant in Corona, Queens, and Marco Polo in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. Both establishments are said to be owned by wiseguys.
The restaurants are offering prix fixe dinners for those who want “tacchino tradizionale (traditional turkey) and dont have to worry about being followed there by the FBI.



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