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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gambino associate gets break after telling judge he plans on becoming different kind of family guy

Lucky he’s a family guy!
A federal judge gave a mobster a break yesterday after the goon said he plans on starting a very different kind of “family.”
Frank Roccaforte, a three-time loser and associate of the Gambino crime family, had pleaded for leniency from Judge Richard Berman, saying he plans on becoming a law-abiding citizen, marrying his girlfriend and starting a family when he gets out of the big house.
Roccaforte, 31, who was swept up in a massive Mafia crackdown earlier this year, was facing up to 57 months in the slammer after pleading guilty to assault, drug dealing and illegal bookmaking.
Frank Roccaforte -
Frank Roccaforte

Roccaforte’s mother, Joyce, also pleaded for leniency from the judge, blaming her late husband for leading Frank into a life of crime.
The judge sentenced Roccaforte to 46 months, warning him this is his last shot at redemption.
“You’re getting close to real trouble, and this is the opportunity to turn your life around,” the judge said. Roccaforte flashed a big smile at his mom after the judge read the sentence.


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