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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Gambino associate wants mob nickname barred from upcoming trial

He hates “Love.’’
The lawyer for reputed Gambino crime-family associate Vito “Vito Love’’ Cortesiano wants a Brooklyn federal judge to bar any mention of his client’s moniker from his upcoming racketeering trial.
The lawyer, J. Patten Brown III, argues in court documents that “the only reason the government wants to include” alleged mobsters’ colorful nicknames at trial is to indicate to the jury “that people who use aliases are inherently untrustworthy and engaged in questionable activities.”
Brown argues that Cortesiano’s nickname only creates prejudice in the eyes of a jury and is “improper.”
Prosecutors say Cortesiano has a close relationship with Bartolomeo Vernace, a Gambino captain who sits on the crime family’s ruling panel.


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