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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Larry Boy Barese from the Sopranos likely to get house arrest for role in Gambino family beating

 Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures
Anthony Borgese, who portrayed Sunny Bunz in classic mob film "Goodfellas," will likely get house arrest or probation for his role in the Gambino-linked beatdown of a deadbeat.
The feds are going to bat for a convicted Gambino crime associate who is putting his acting chops from “Goodfellas” to good use by filming an anti-Mafia public service ad.
Anthony Borgese is facing more than three years in prison when he’s sentenced Wednesday in Brooklyn Federal Court for the violent extortion of a deadbeat.
But the prosecutor says probation or house arrest would suffice for the 73-year-old actor — best known for his role in the classic film as Sonny Bunz, the owner of the Bamboo Lounge, which is torched after mobsters squeeze the nightspot dry.
Borgese, who also goes by the stage name “Tony Darrow,” has filmed a public service announcement warning young men not to be suckered by the mob’s false glamour.
“I play a lot of tough guy and gangster roles,” Borgese preaches in the video. “But in real life that don’t work, kids. . . . If you ever break the law, and you think you’re a wiseguy, you’re not.”
Assistant U.S. Attorney Evan Norris noted in court papers Monday that it is highly unusual for a mobster after pleading guilty “to take the next step and publicly repudiate ‘the [mob] life.’ ”
Borgese admitted soliciting the help of Gambino soldier Joseph Orlando in the collection of a $5,000 debt to one of Borgese's pals. Orlando dispatched goons from his crew who broke the victim’s jaw and ribs.
Borgese claims he did not know the victim was going to be assaulted.
He also appeared as Larry Boy Barese in “The Sopranos” and recently narrated the documentary “Soprano State: New Jersey’s Culture of Corruption



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