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Monday, January 9, 2012

Former Colombo family hitman apologizes to family of mobster he helped murder

 Joseph Competiello, alleged Colombo crime family soldier, is walked by FBI from Federal Plaza this morning. Numerous arrests of suspected mafia associates have occurred since the beginning of the year.

Joseph Competiello apologized to family of mobster for his role in the 1999 gangland slaying of William "Wild Bill" Cutolo.

From deep within a federal prison, ex-Colombo hitman Joseph Competiello has sent an extraordinary apology to the family of a gangster he helped kill, the Daily News has learned.
“As a young adult my actions are inexcusable and I am ready to accept responsibility for them for causing you pain over the loss of your loved one,” Competiello wrote in an email to relatives of slain capo William (Wild Bill) Cutolo.
Perhaps even more stunning, Competiello’s apology was readily accepted by the dead man’s son.
“I accepted his apology . . . If not for him, who knows if they would have found my dad,” Cutolo’s son, William Jr., told The News.
“If he [Competiello] didn’t do what he was told, he would’ve wound up in the hole with my father.”
Cutolo was shot to death in 1999 on orders from former acting boss Alphonse (Allie Boy) Persico, who feared losing control of the crime family to his charismatic rival.
Competiello was part of the hit team that killed Cutolo inside the Brooklyn home of soldier Dino (Little Dino) Saracino. Cutolo’s remains were unearthed by the FBI from a secret mob graveyard in Farmingdale, L.I., in 2008.
Cutolo’s son, who once wore a hidden wire to help the feds nail his father’s killers, forwarded a copy of the email to The News. Federal law enforcement officials verified its authenticity.
In the email, Competiello — who is in the witness protection section of a federal lockup — blames his actions and the blood on his hands to a twisted view of the Mafia.
“As a young man I wanted to fit in thinking it was the way to go and that I would be protected if I followed in this life,” wrote Competiello, who has been implicated by the feds in seven gangland rubouts.
“However due to the consciences (sic) I have now all those things I have kept inside I have to make amends with those I’ve hurt.
“I am not the boy I was then but am the man who now knows right from wrong, understanding my involvement in that lifestyle is unacceptable and wouldn’t want this life ever again.”
Competiello’s wife Michelle added a postscript to the email, which she helped him send last year: “I know this isn’t going to bring back Pops Bill but he really really is so very sorry.”
Competiello is set to sing about Cutolo’s murder and other misdeeds during the upcoming trial in Brooklyn Federal Court of Saracino and Thomas (Tommy Shots) Gioelli.
Cutolo Jr. participates in a website, realwiseguys.com, and will appear next week in “Mob Confessions,” a Discovery Channel television series.
“I appreciated his admittance. It took a lot for me to do what I did, but it took more on his [Competitello’s] part,” Cutolo Jr. said.


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