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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mob associate gets delay in prison stay

A federal judge has granted an accused mob associate more time before having to report to prison and also set a date to hear arguments from four other defendants who want a separate trial in a sweeping organized crime case.
According to court filings, defense attorneys for the seven accused men and prosecutors met with U.S. District Court Judge William Smith Thursday afternoon in his chambers. The primary defendant in the case is the former reputed mob boss Luigi "Baby Shacks" Manocchio,
Smith had several motions on his plate to consider going into the chamber conference.
He granted defense attorney Juliane Ballirro's motion to step down from Manocchio’s legal team. Her father, the well-known Boston attorney Joseph Balliro will continue with the defense.
Smith also set Jan. 30 as to when he will hear arguments from both sides on the requests from more than half of the defendants asking to get their own trial. Accused mob associates Theodore Cardilllo, Raymond "Scarface" Jenkins and Richard Bonafiglia along with reputed mobster Albino Folcarelli have all filed motions looking to separate their case from the one against Manocchio and alleged capo regime Edward "Eddie" Lato.
One of the those charged – mob associate Thomas Iafrate – has already pleaded guilty. Smith had a decision to make on him as well.
Iafrate's defense attorney's said the Federal Bureau of Prisons has not assigned Iafrate to a prison yet and asked the judge to grant another delay. He was supposed to begin his 30 month sentence on Jan. 3 until the judge granted a stay.
Thursday, Smith moved Iafrate's self-report date further back to Feb. 7; an additional three weeks of freedom.
Manocchio, Lato, Cardillo and Scivola are accused of shaking down area strip clubs for protection money. Investigators say Folcarelli and Jenkins extorted money from an unnamed victim using threats of violence.
Prosecutors say they all took part in a continued criminal enterprise run by Manocchio. Everyone but Iafrate has pleaded not guilty.



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